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P0469NL | Pulse Electronics | Other transformer | PSpice | MoDeCH | Standard

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Description of item

Device type name P0469NL is Common mode choke filter provided by Pulse Electronics. Model On! Search provides PSpice model.
Device Type Common mode choke filter
Part Number P0469NL
Maker Name Pulse Electronics
Model Quality Standard
Simulator PSpice
Provided MoDeCH
MoDeCH has been using the world-class device modeling technologies since the company establishment in 2002

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The examples of detailed model explanation

The IC model is the most difficult to obtain when simulating a circuit that is mounted on a board. We provided the IC models created from data sheet in Model On! Search site. Click the icons below to see the model contents of GateDriver IC, DC-DC converter IC, and Power Management IC, respectively.

(You can download it for free.)