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"Model On! Search" is an on-demand SPICE model delivery service via website. This service is provided by MoDeCH, which is a world leading provider of device modeling technology . Our modeling service will accelerate the design process for analog circuit designer developing electric products using circuit simulators such as LTSPICE, PSPICE, etc.

Available models

We provide access to the world’s largest analog simulation library with over 77,000 downloadable SPICE models, including a wide variety of active and passive components as well as integrated circuits from global component manufacturers. Our site provides vendor supplied models at no cost, and fee based models are developed by MoDeCH’s proprietary modeling methods and technology.

Model Quality

Model quality for vendor supplied models is provided directly by component manufacturers and is proprietary to each supplier. MoDeCH’s models quality based on its own technology. See here.

You can also confirm the model’s accuracy and quality in the report listed on the individual component download page.

Highlights !Update :20-Oct-19