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About modeling service
What modeling services does MoDeCH provide?
MoDeCH provides three solutions. If you want models immediately ··· Model On! Search; if you want to request a model that is not listed ··· go to Wish Models; MoDeCH can offer a quotation-based modeling service...
What is Model On! Search?
"Model On! Search" is the on-demand model library service. You can search from over 70,000 models and download them from the site. Our site includes paid models and free models. In the case of the paid models, please use services such as PayPal, credit card, or selected bank services.
What are Wish Models?
This is a service that you can request for a model to be added into the Model On! search library. MoDeCH will create or prepare the requested model based upon customer demand. Therefore, we can not promise the timing of its availability
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About model quality
I want to know about the model specifications.
Please read the model report attached to the component page.
What is the AVERAGE quality?
The usual transient modeling needs to calculate voltage and current change with a rapid switching element by mincing an analysis time step, finely. As a result, the number of analysis time steps increases and analysis time attains for a long time. In ...
What files are included in the download?
Model files included are: 1) Model card file 2) Model simulation report 3) Terms and conditions if the model comes from the component manufacturers
What are the free models on Model On! Search?
This model is supplied by each manufacturer and distributed by MoDeCH.
What is the difference between a paid model and a free model?
The paid model is created by MoDeCH and we guarantee its quality. The main models are ICs or high-performance discrete parts and are not readily available on the open market.
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About Payment for Model On! Search
How can I pay for models in Model On! Search?
In Model On! Search, three methods of payment are available: · You can pay via PayPal account. · You can pay using a credit card that is registered to a PayPal site. · You can pay by wire transfer listed on the bill.
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About downloading and treating models
How many models can I download at once?
The maximum limit of models you can put in the cart is 100. So if you want to download more than 100 models, please repeat the process as many times necessary.
Can I copy models?
MoDeCH retains all copyrights for the paid models and does not permit copying or secondary distribution. Therefore, do not copy the model except for a backup copy and five copies intended for use within the same site. If you violate this, MoDeCH carries out a legal means in conformity with an agreement. About free ..
Can I resell models?
No. You cannot resell models.
Can I transfer model's proprietary rights?
No. You cannot transfer a model's proprietary rights.
When the result that I expect does not meet, can I return the model?
No. You cannot return the model.
Can I evaluate a model's quality before purchasing?
Yes. You can confirm this by the model's report listed on the component page.
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About model request
Can I request an old model?
No. You can download the newest model.
How can I report to MoDeCH when I find an issue with the model?
Please report the issue by clicking "Contact Us".
Can I sell or put my models on this site?
Please contact us from the [Please join us to be model providers!] tab.
Can I sell or put my company's device models on this site?
Please contact us from the [Please join us to be model providers!] tab.
Can MoDeCH create models for my company's devices?
Please click on "Contact Us" and describe your request.
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